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At we are here to help you with real-time market needs. Time is money, but nothing beats saving time while making money. We’ll even make it easy for you. Our company will do the research work, select successful stocks and provide you with potential profits. All this is made easy through the convenience of your smartphone. Start learning, buying, and selling at your pace. We'll call the shots, you assist.


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Traders Community


Top features

  • Access to Hot Money Stocks private chat room
  • 2-4 stock picks a month (Entry point & Target point included)
  • 1 video call a month (Group setting)
  • Access to CEO's Portfolio of stocks




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Traders Territory


Top features

  • Learn how to read charts
  • 1 hour video coaching
  • Live 1 on 1 setting (Q&A)
  • Learn to see Bullish & Bearish trends 
  • Learn key indicators to help you profit consistently
  • Spot signals to keep you from getting burned in the Stock Market
  • 1 free stock pick after coaching session



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  • 3 month coaching program
  • 3 video calls a week
  • Direct communication Monday-Friday
  • Learn ideas and thought processes of selecting successful stocks
  • Become a self-sufficient Trader & Investor

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